Traditionally the bathroom has the smallest window in the house, but no one appears to know why. What we do know is that a larger window makes this small room seem much more spacious, so that is why many home renovators go for bathroom window replacement as part of their renovation project. When you add in other improvements to the bathroom this important part of your home will be much more welcoming and pleasant to use.

With a larger window allowing more natural light in, there will be less need for electric lights, thus saving on the running costs of the home. Even if you use the same size, replacing an old window always improves the value of the home. You may want to change the style of window from a push up one to a sliding one, which will be much easier to open and close if it is up high like most bathroom windows are. Another option is to have an awning style of window that you can open with a winder.

We are window specialists and can custom make a window for the bathroom or any other room in the home. Our professional tradesmen take pride in their work and ensure their windows are always a perfect fit. We are happy toadvise on window types to suit the bathroom and explain the differences in the grades of glass that are available these days. It is just as important to choose the right glass as it is to choose the kind of window you want.


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