Every home gets to the stage where maintenance must be done on it to keep it in good condition. Since a home represents a very large asset, letting it go to pieces makes no sense because it will certainly not keep its value. Windows with timber frames are often one of the first things to need replacing when you decide to renovate. Rotting window replacement will certainly enhance your home as well as your security. It is amazing just how easy it is for burglars to gain access through a window that has a rotten frame.

This can happen more easily than you may think. Window frames do not dry out as quickly as the rest of the wall because moisture can penetrate the cracks between the frame and the wall, but once in, it takes a long time to dry. In addition, wooden window frames are not painted along the sides, or if they are the abrasion of opening and closing them soon rubs the paint off. This allows moisture to penetrate the timber and it soon rots out. If you need rotting window frame replacement, give us a call soon to discuss your window replacement needs. We are a professional window replacement company that specializes in replacing the windows in homes that are already built. This is one of the more difficult jobs for a handyman, so get it done right the first time to save time and trouble. Our employees are all qualified tradesmen with plenty of experience.


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