Renovation is a great way to improve the value of the home, but what is not always realised is that is also enhances your lifestyle while you are there. It is important to maintain the home and this is done through renovating, whether that is an additional room, a deck out the back or some other aspect, such as replacing the present windows with sliding ones. Sliding windows are easier to open and close that those old sash types that must be lifted up and so often stick. If you are thinking in terms of sliding window replacement, contact the professionals who make installing windows their sole purpose. We are specialists in the window renovation field and can custom make windows of all kinds to suit your home and renovation project.

These days there are many different and beautiful styles of windows that can really make a big difference to your home. You can let in more light and make that lovely view part of your wall. Larger windows allow for cross ventilation, a passive way to cool your home that will not cost a cent over the lifetime of the home. And when you have natural light streaming through the windows you won’t have to turn on the lights in the daytime like many people have to do. This again, saves on the running costs of your home. We are happy to advise you on all the different styles of window and the different grades of glass that are available.


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