Many people love the double hung style of window and they do suit many homes and rooms. For instance, you can have a corner of the room done in fixed glass and on each side a panel of double hung windows to increase the size and hence the light. There are many other ways that these windows will look wonderful. But if you are renovating, you might want to consider double hung window replacement – replacing it with sliding windows or even with bi-fold or casement windows. Whatever you decide, it is wise to get a window specialist onto the job.

We specialize in installing windows in homes that are already built. Our professional tradesmen have a great deal of experience in renovating homes by installing new windows. Sometimes even though the windows are new, they need to be exactly the same kind to keep the same look and feel of the home, especially if it is a historic home. Double hung window replacement is usual for these homes, since that is what they were first made with. However, you may want to use a different timber for the frame, or a different grade of glass for the windowpanes. The latter will help with insulation and security, since the higher the grade the strong the glass is. Our specialist window installation company services the Sydney and Melbourne area. If you want to know more about our services and what is available in windows these days, give us a call at your convenience.


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